Great skin starts with us

Do you have a specific skin concern? It could be acne, fine lines & wrinkles or dark spots & pigmentation? Maybe you're happy with your skin but want to start taking more care of it? HydraFacial is suited to everyone.

Here at Skinkind, we offer 3 variations of HydraFacial; Signature, Deluxe and Platinum. The time it takes to carry out a HydraFacial treatment ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on which variation you go for. 

One of the many things people love about HydraFacial is that you see instant results, without the down time.


HydraFacial Step-by-Step

  1. Pre-cleanse

  2. Detox with Lymphatic Drainage to improve circulation of the lymph system and eliminate toxins

  3. Uncover a new layer of skin with Exfoliation & Chemical Peel 

  4. Remove dirt and oil build up from pores with painless Extractions

  5. Saturate the skins surface with antioxidants and peptides for a glorious glow

  6. Finish with red and infrared LED Rejuvenation to reduce any redness and further stimulate collagen

  7. SPF application to protect the brand new skin

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HydraFacial Perk

What is HydraFacial Perk?

HydraFacial Perk treatments are specifically created for the delicate lip and eye area. 

Perk Lip will gently exfoliate, hydrate and plump the lips, giving a healthy and youthful appearance.

Perk Eye will gently exfoliate, hydrate, bright and de-puff the eye area, giving a more awake and youthful appearance. 

Clients will be given a serum to take home and continue application over the following days. Both are available to book as either stand alone treatments or add-on treatments to a HydraFacial. We offer them for £40 each or £60 for both.