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Luxury Facial

Great skin starts with us

At Skinkind, we believe that everyday should include some form of self care. Whether it's adding some extra steps to your skin care routine, spending a little extra time in the shower or taking a walk in nature, we all deserve to take a moment to be present. 

If you or someone you know seems like they need some extra self care in their life, follow the link below to book a Luxury Facial.

Image by Dominique Rivas

Luxury Facial Step-by-Step

  1. Pre-cleanse

  2. Lymphatic drainage facial massage

  3. Open the pores with a relaxing Steam

  4. Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle Exfoliation

  5. Remove dirt and oil build up from pores with manual Extractions

  6. Apply LED light rejuvenation

  7. Apply medical grade products specific to skin

  8. Protect the skin with SPF